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Lobby the UN Security Council!

Join our campaign to get the UN Security Council to act upon its obligation to regulate armaments!

Here’s an easy first step – send a letter to one of the P-5 using the template letter below and cc’ing us!



Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to you to ask that (insert state name) ‘s play an active part in implementing the legal obligation of the UN Security Council to regulate the world’s armaments under Article 26 of the Charter.  We are aware of the difficulties that members of the UN Security Council face in implementing this obligation, but the disastrous increase in wars and armaments must now be checked. (personalise)

I ask in particular that the Security Council begin regular discussions on general disarmament and that the Council should start with consideration of the publication by the UN’s own Office Disarmament Affairs of Occasional Paper 28 (Rethinking General and Complete Disarmament in the 21st Century – https://www.un.org/disarmament/publications/occasionalpapers/no-28/).

In closing may I draw your attention to the work of our group at www.scrapweapons.com

I look forward very much to hearing from you and am grateful for your consideration.





China – ChinaMissionUN@Gmail.com

France – france@franceonu.org

Russia – press@russiaun.ru

United Kingdom – uk@un.int

United States – USUNPolFax@state.gov

SCRAP – info@scrapweapons.com