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SCRAP at the 139th IPU Assembly: Continuing Dialogue of Disarmament

By Harriet Hanssen, SCRAPweapons Social Media and Communications assistant and MA student at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS As SCRAP followers will remember, Monday October 15th saw SCRAP director Dr. Dan Plesch chair the discussion… Read More

#IPU139 – Discussion Points and Livestream

Tomorrow’s (15th October) highly anticipated Inter-Parliamentary Union panel discussion with the Standing Committee for Peace and International Security, chaired by Dr. Dan Plesch, will discuss comprehensive disarmament and non-proliferation. The panel will consist of Ambassador Janis Karklins, Permanent Representative… Read More

SCRAP at the 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

Dr. Dan Plesch, of CISD and SCRAP, moderates meeting of 170+ countries of the 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Geneva On Monday the 15th of October, Dr. Plesch will chair a plenary discussion with the panel for the Standing Committee… Read More