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WATCH: Interview with Dr. Dan Plesch on Truthloader

This is an older interview but many of the themes are still relevant today. In August 2014, Dr. Dan Plesch sat down with Truthloader to talk about the possibility of World War III. The interview is split into… Read More

Briefing by Dr Dan Plesch at NPT PrepCom 2018 on ‘Could the US win World War III without using nuclear weapons?’

Fear of world war has crept back with alarming swings in the political mood.   Crises and hopes on the Korean peninsula and the NPT talks  in Geneva will be followed this month by the UN Secretary General’s new disarmament… Read More

SCRAP hosts event at UN Geneva

On 12 February, 2018, SCRAP had its sixth annual appointment to the United Nations in Geneva, as part of an event hosted by the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan, discussing ‘Weapons Development and Disarmament: Challenges and Opportunities’.   The… Read More

SOAS students part of the Nobel Laureate anti-nuclear campaign

This post originally appeared on the CISD website on 9 October 2017. The Strategic Concept for the Removal of Arms and Proliferation (SCRAP), as a member of ICAN’s coalition of partner organizations, is thrilled that the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons… Read More

Dr. Dan Plesch speaks about SCRAP at the UN in New York

In an interview with MA International Studies and Diplomacy student Alexandra MacAulay Abdelwahab, Dr. Dan Plesch, Director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) at SOAS University of London, speaks about SCRAPS recent meeting at the United… Read More

Reflections on the General Debate of the First Committee, General Assembly of the United Nations

This blog post was written by Panida Wayrojpitak, a second-year international relations student at SOAS University of London. To learn more about this subject, or to follow the UN debate yourself, please visit the following: Link to the… Read More

Lobby the General Assembly for a resolution on General and Complete Disarmament

Join our campaign to pressure the United Nations General Assembly for a resolution on General and Complete Disarmament (GDC). Send a letter to your country’s UN representative:   Letter Template Your Excellency, I am writing to you to ask that… Read More

UN discussions of General and Complete Disarmament

Over the last several years, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs have discussed General and Complete Disarmament (GCD) more regularly. Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu In June 2017, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu, addressed the final… Read More

Lobby the UN Security Council!

Join our campaign to get the UN Security Council to act upon its obligation to regulate armaments! Here’s an easy first step – send a letter to one of the P-5 using the template letter below and cc’ing… Read More

Remarks on GCD to the UNSG’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters

SCRAP Committee Member Dr Randy Rydell gave a presentation on “Challenges facing the NPT and its review process with a particular focus on the Middle East:  lessons learned from non-UN and regional processes on arms control and disarmament” to… Read More