For decades, women have fought the hierarchy that characterizes patriarchy, which is maintained by obedient norms and structures. While obedience has been challenged in more or less overt ways, resistance to the patriarchal structure of society has been underway for a long time.

For the first time, an international legal instrument on nuclear weapons recognizes the disproportionate impact on both women and indigenous people.

Courage is needed to seek and introduce women’s perspectives in disarmament since such revision will alter how arms control is perceived and developed.

Critically, the modernization of Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)- counter opposing forces designed to destroy incoming missiles- poses a further destabilising threat to strategic stability.

Whilst key individuals and groups of women have had tremendous impact around the world there is still a disproportionate lack of female representation within society

The Ban Treaty now outlaws nuclear weapons. What now for nuclear armed states and other non-signatories?

Even though the world’s big nuclear weapons states today did not adopt it, the TPNW is going to change the conversation on nuclear weapons, how we learn about nuclear weapons, how we talk about them, and who can talk about them.

2020 marks the 25th anniversary from the Beijing Declaration, which promoted the most visionary agenda in terms of gender equality in many areas, including security. Yet, big gaps remain to be filled. For instance, 7 out of 10 peace-building processes lack of women representation. How is this gender gap explained and what measures can we expect to be taken to fill it?

Women and Conflict How peacebuilding efforts can benefit us ALL Sexual violence is continually used as a tool to harm and humiliate women; it’s reported that 50,000 women were raped during the Bosnian war and 250,000 during the Rwandan genocide, while 90% of Afghan women are said to experience domestic abuse during their lifetime. So …

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Disarmament that Saves Lives Opportunities and Challenges drawn from the Panel Discussion, “Building on the Secretary General’s Disarmament Agenda” Dan Plesch Director, CISD SOAS Relevance of the Secretary-General’s Agenda in the Light of the Current Context This is probably the chapter of the Secretary-General’s Agenda that should resonate the most in many countries because of …

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