Propelled by the devastating impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus globally, the SCRAP Weapons team at SOAS University of London is building on the United Nations Secretary General’s call for a Global Ceasefire in all corners of the world. As a complementary measure, we are calling on all States and corporations to FREEZE the production and supply of Weapons.

As the disease causes death, poverty,  violence and confrontation, States and corporations must harness their capability to divert military modernization, procurement and operational budgets, as a necessary complementary measure towards the delay, containment and eradication of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We suggest that States and corporations, individually and in cooperation, implement moratoria on weapons production and supply.

Support this initiative by Signing the Declaration, Promoting the Formal Text for Governments, Parliaments and International Organisations and Circulating and using the Background paper

We are calling on Civil Society organisations, Youth Networks, and Non-Governmental Organisations to support the FreezeWeapons initiative by Signing the Declaration in Support of Moratoria on Weapons Production and Supply.

Formal Text for Governments, Parliaments and International Organisations. This proposal can be attractive to ministers and heads of government desperate to re-allocate the much-needed resources which are often trapped in destructive military industrial complexes.

Open letter to civil society organisations, governments, parliaments and international organisations to support a Global Freeze on Weapons Production and Supply

“This is not a time for continuing to manufacture and deal in arms, spending vast amounts of money that ought to be used to care for others and save lives.”