Julia Auf Dem Brinke

Julia Auf dem Brinke is the Advocacy Manager at SCRAP Weapons since the spring of 2020, coordinating the outreach strategies of the youth-led and volunteer-based initiative.

She has just completed her dissertation for the MSc Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Her research critically examines the complexities of international arms licensing controls amid the increasing reliance of states on corporate arms producers. Making the case for the need to apply a relationalist approach to state-corporate partnerships.

Currently, she is undertaking a traineeship at the Berlin office of the International Peace Bureau, where she researches the effects of increased militarization and alternative avenues for peacebuilding through disarmament, namely common security.

Working on multiple strands of disarmament advocacy, Julia co-coordinates the Corruption Tracker, a collaborative website-based project between the World Peace Foundation, RünstungsInformationsBüro and Shadow World Investigations, which showcases all known cases of corruption in the arms trade and launches in December 2020.

She previously worked as a Postgraduate Research Associate at the Center of Conflict, Rights and Justice at SOAS, focussing on transitional justice mechanisms and global security. Her research interests include: Arms trade, corruption, militarization, human-centred security, infrastructure and transitional justice.