Lidia Matias

Lidia has various years of experience in government, networking and advocacy, initially in the Brazilian Parliament and then, more recently, in international organisations in Geneva.

She has a strong track record in shaping policy and legislation through negotiation and effective stakeholder engagement. As a consultant, she has written case studies on the formalisation of SMEs. This assignment was part of the development of ILO courses on Informality. She also researched and drafted chapters on the Living Income Differential in the cocoa sector in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, on the policy framework (global, EU), analysis of public policies in the partner region, risks and assumptions, lessons learned, gender mainstreaming, and contribution to SDGs. The research focuses on environmental and eco-social sustainability in the chocolate industry. She is also assisting in the establishment of sustainable e-commerce (OneForAll) in France and she is also developing a publication on the future of work with PARLASUR.