Dr Olamide Samuel

Olamide Samuel is the Coordinator of SCRAP Weapons, overseeing the management of projects, research, campaigns, liaison, operations, and directing strategic outreach.

Olamide holds a PhD in National Security Strategy from the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham. He earned his B.ILD degree in International Law and Diplomacy in 2013, from Babcock University, Nigeria, where he specialized in researching on the global emergence of Private Military and Security Companies. He also holds an MA in Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy from the University of Buckingham (2014).

He is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, where he teaches International Security, General Diplomatic Studies and Diplomatic Practice at the MA level, and engages in MA Theses Supervision.

He is also the convener of the Global #FreezeWeapons Campaign and the President of the SOAS Pugwash Society. The SCRAP project, proposes General and Complete Disarmament as the goal of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation efforts, and works with International Organisations, Governments and Civil Society to advance this agenda.

He is also a Senior Researcher, and member of the Scientific Committee at the Center for International Strategic Analyses (KEDISA), and a Senior Consultant at Zander Woollcombe International. He was previously a Lead Researcher at Beacon Consulting Nigeria, where he specialised in Security Risk management and Intelligence consulting.

His research interests include: Strategic Culture, Conventional Arms Control, Nuclear Disarmament, SALW PSSM, Sub-Saharan Africa National Security Strategy, and Multilateral Disarmament Diplomacy. He has held lectures and engaged in high-level panel discussions in various diplomatic and academic arenas.

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists