Reintroducing Disarmament and Cooperative Security

Joint Publication with Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on disarmament and cooperative security aimed at renewing emphasis on cooperation to reverse potentially dangerous competitive security dynamics. 

Rethinking General and Complete Disarmament

UNODA Occasional Papers No. 28 –  This publication examines the historic, strategic, humanitarian and economic aspects of general and complete disarmament to elaborate and elevate the case for prohibiting conventional weapons systems as well as nuclear weapons. 

SCRAP's Proposal

SCRAP consists of a research agenda that builds upon issues outlined in the SCRAP Proposal. Please see the documents below for more details:

The Model Global and Complete Disarmament (GCD) Treaty (PDF Document) proposed by SCRAP – Basic Elements of an internationally legally-binding agreement on General and Complete Disarmament

Other Publications

How can you become involved in SCRAP?

SCRAP proposes timetables and a draft treaty for consideration at the United Nations General Assembly, which takes place in September every year. Support our efforts to have SCRAP introduced at the UN General Assembly by sending a letter of support to your government.

If you are a SOAS student interested in working for SCRAP, please fill in this form here