Grassroot activism and its role in providing feminist perspectives to disarmament

Webinar 4: ‘Grassroot activism and its role in providing feminist perspectives to disarmament’

This webinar will provide a floor for female activists and politicians from grassroots organisations. Participants will have the opportunity to share their personal stories and experiences as members in armed groups, challenging preconceptions about the various roles of women during the different stages of warfare. To have an inclusive disarmament debate aims to understand how women experience war and to reflect on whether the current disarmament treaties adequately address the needs of women and of different communities.

The objective is to develop an understanding of the paramount importance of female activism and feminist perspectives for ensuring sustainable peace and humanitarian disarmament. How do female-led grassroot organisations, activists and politicians already contribute to disarmament deliberations?

31st March 2021 @14:00 GMT


Nagat Abakar

Senior figure in the Sudan Liberation Movement and Army

More great speakers to be revealed soon...Watch this space!

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