Women in the field: Implementing Disarmament

Webinar 5: ‘Women in the field: Implementing Disarmament’

Our fifth webinar will provide an overview of the current challenges facing women in their day-to-day work and efforts to enforce disarmament, away from the spotlight of the global institutions. To this end, this webinar aims to link the need for a women-led grassroot activism with its implications for the implementation of global and regional disarmament through multilateral treaties and the on-the-ground work of institutions and associations. 

The purpose of this webinar is twofold. First, through shared experiences it aims to bring to the fore the realities of people living in Latin America and in the Middle East, two regions struck by violence caused by the proliferation of weapons. Second, it will provide a platform for the voices of women leading the efforts towards peace and disarmament in these regions. To that end, the role of women in the implementation of treaties and verification, as well as in building communities within the realm of disarmament, will be discussed.

14th April 2021 @14:00 GMT


Great speakers to be revealed soon… watch this space!

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